This year in August, we ran a similar event to last year at the same location, where children and teens played games and showed their talents through game strategy. At first, not everyone knew each other so we played some icebreakers to hopefully let participants get to know each other. We mostly focused on activities that would engage the participants, such as ninja and stringing together funny stories. It caught everyone’s interest and got everyone’s minds and bodies moving, giving our brains and our bodies a much-needed exercise a few weeks before school began. Lunch rolled around and everyone crowded around the table full of pizza, sushi and fruits. After that, we played some trivia to test everyone’s knowledge on street sense. Everyone was so hyped and it was entertaining to see two people sliding across the grass to try and hit the “buzzer” to answer the question. It was nice to see the joy and excitement on everyone’s face and I’m so glad that I chose to run the event the way I did. I think it’s a great idea and I wish to continue this for years to come and tweak it so that it becomes even better and a more inclusive event. Thank you to Neighbourhood Small Grants for giving us this opportunity to connect children from the neighbourhood!

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