My idea was to host a 60 minute children's yoga class and supply free mats and journaling supplies to those who attend. My vision is to empower these littles with some basic knowledge they can take home and put into practise- armed with their new yoga mat and gratitude journal. There are so many benefits of yoga and I feel it teaches tools that children can use in their day to day life and carry into their adulthood. I think especially during the pandemic children need an outlet. Their little lives have been turned upside down and this will give them a way to just tune into themselves and practice some selfcare.

Children signed up to attend the session, which was held at Wild Coast Yoga. Class began with deep breathing, followed by a warm up and then moved into yoga poses. After that we headed into some guided meditation, gratitude journaling and finished up wit a gentle closing song. The class went really well and the children who attended enjoyed themselves and especially liked that they got to take a mat home.

The mats provided are eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable- which is important to me. They are also from a Canadian company out of the lower mainland.

I truly believe that teaching mindfulness and self care/self love at a young age will have an impact for a lifetime!
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