We were proud to be recipients of a Neighbourhood Small Grant which allowed us to continue with our project of creating a Free Pantry at our Urban Farm on Church Street. We wanted to encourage our neighbours to think about food security and have a space to share food with no exchange of money. Also, the potential was there to share our excess garden produce with our community as well.
We were able to purchase the Pantry and have a local mural artist paint it for us with our 2020 Neighbourhood Small Grant money.
Receiving the 2021 NSG allowed us to continue with the project by building a roof and platform for it, as well as sealing the mural so it will last as long as possible.
We had it out in it’s spot in front of our house by harvest season and stocked it with some non-perishable food items. We had many people stop and look and a few donations appeared.
The Pantry was packed away for winter in our garage and we plan to have it back out in it’s spot once the weather improves. We will work on increasing the signage so it is more clear what we are trying to accomplish with our project and reach out to our neighbours to help stock it for those in need.
At the very least, it is an eye-catching addition to Church Street and we are proud of how it has turned out!

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