8:00- 10:00 – cleaning out the lanes of garbage and make two runs to the transfer station
We have a couple of small utility trailers organized. We could use some strong arms to load and unload them. The idea would be to organize the items previous to Aug. 13th, load them in the morning and be back from the transfer station by 10. Primarily this is to clean the lane of some trash but other items could be fit in. a small donation to the cause (under $5) might be appropriate depending on what you have.
10:00 – 12:00 – small teams picking up garbage all around Cleveland Park. Children welcome to pitch-in with adult supervision.
I have talked to the District of North Vancouver they should be able to supply garbage bags, gloves, clean-up guidelines and pick-up the filled garbage bags at the end of the day.
12:00 – 2:00 – refreshments and pot-luck social
Refreshments will be supplied along with some snacks. We are hoping individuals will bring a small pot-luck item to contribute to the festivities. We will clarify this as we move forward but there will not be any obligation.
I am talking to Blockwatch, Bear Aware and Cool North Shore to put some display tables out. I am also looking into doing something in the area of disaster preparedness so stay tuned.
Mostly we just want people to introduce themselves and show some pride for the wonderful area we live in.
What a great day!! – the weather couldn’t have been better. The paragliders from Grouse provided some colorful entertainment.
Thanks to BlockWatch, Cool North Shore, NS Black Bear Society and NS Emergency Management for coming out and supporting the event.
The MedVents had their newly acquired big red service truck parked on Cap Road. Thanks for being there with first-aid services.
And the face-painting provided by MedVents was also spectacular. I saw a few scary faces running around and one youngster with a cheek painting of a soccer ball with trailing flames that was great.
The Canyon Heights church provided tables and chairs that we put in the shade and allowed for some great conversations.
The coffee from the Daily Grind coffee shop was much appreciated by everyone – be sure to visit our local coffee shop!
Those that brought food all went home with empty dishes! The salads, bread, cold cuts, fruit, salsas and dips all were a big hit. Thanks so much. We all went home satiated.
I have posted a couple of pics in the Photos page.
We took two loads to the transfer station. (Thanks Jayson) A few eyesores were removed from the lanes!!
There were 5 bags of garbage and three of recycling collected.
The total cost was 546.78 with $500 coming from a grant from Vancouver Foundation and the balance from small donations. (Thanks to those that donated!).
Any food, beverages and condiments leftover were donated to the church.
We did have a child’s milk bottle and spoon left behind on a table. Email me at and I can arrange to get it back to you.
One of the things that was obvious in the day was that many new relationships were formed. The newcomers to the neighbourhood welcomed the opportunity to introduce themselves to some of us who have been here for years.
Can’t thank Vancouver Foundation and North Shore Neighbourhood House enough for making this possible. Many neighbours contributed in many ways to make the day a success. A big thanks to all of them! See You Next Year….

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