With a neighbourhood street busy with children enjoying the park, tennis courts and recreation fields, we wanted to do something to calm the traffic. We heard of a similar project in Victoria, spoke with them and met to discuss ideas. We polled the neighbourhood to understand the level of support for this idea.
We held a neighbourhood contest to create the images we wanted to put on the telephone polls and the chain-link fence around the playground based on the idea that ‘art’ on the street-scape would slow traffic. We invited the local high school art class and neighbourhood artists to submit ideas.
The art we chose was simple but conveyed the message of happy children in the area. We unveiled them at a social held at the local church.
We also put the speed limit under each image on the telephone poles. The images were put on the three telephone poles on either side of the park, facing the direction of traffic. and larger images placed on the chain-link fence in front of the playground. This provided a notification as you drove towards the park and then was reinforced by the larger images. The images are bright and were printed on clear vinyl and attached with screws.
The community has been very supportive, the traffic has slowed down and the children like the playful images.
“We love the signs! Thank you so much for taking the initiative to get them and put them up. They are a beautiful reminder to drive slowly and keep our street safe for all of our children.
Much appreciated!” – A.E.
“The traffic calming initiative using art work is a fantastic idea. It’s noticeable and fits our neighbourhood which is family friendly. Thanks for bringing this to Prospect Ave. Also thanks Vancouver Foundation for the grant.” – M.L.
“Appreciate it for the great work. We totally support it.” – E.Z.
“Yes we support this initiative and appreciate your effort. Every little bit helps to slow down the traffic on our street.” – M.I.
“Thanks to you and the Vancouver Foundation for the much appreciated efforts to calm traffic on Prospect Avenue. We are sure they have had an impact on the traffic flow/speeds on the block. …
We remain strong supporters of this or any initiative that will help reduce the speeds to a level consistent with playground zones. Thank you!” – A.O.

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