A healthy and safe neighbourhood is important for us to live and enjoy together. What can we do to bring our culturally diverse neighbours together and increase more connection among us? As an NSG project leader, I planned a Harvest Moon Cultural Workshop at the end of September, which is a free in-person event with family-friendly activities about cultural diversity and community wellbeing.
During the planning and organizing process, one of the big challenges was finding a public space to host my preregistered event with a limited budget and resources. Fortunately, I got some great local support to book a central location as a convenient and accessible venue for people to come and join.
It was a good turnout for this neighbourhood activity, with a full registration plus a big waitlist even some people were very interested in this and came to the door directly. I have tried to accommodate all participants for a good experience altogether with care packages and prize draws. We were getting started with a Land Acknowledgement, followed by a self-introduction and a short art talk. We made it like a show and tell with cultural practices to let people take fun photos and enjoy rabbit art, learn and share skills and info/resources over food and drinks. It was a diverse group, including families, seniors and young people, who were all from local neighbourhoods and very happy to learn about the NSG program and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with mooncake traditions. I heard a lot that they look forward to it next year if it can be done annually or more often.
Big thanks to the funding organization of Vancouver Foundation and the Neighborhood Grant Committee of Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives. I appreciate all local community organizations and sponsors/partners to make this event happen. We love our neighbourhoods, let’s do more activities with neighbours to support our diverse community for a positive and inclusive living environment.
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