On September 18, 2016 we held our 2nd annual East 3rd Avenue Block Party! We had over 50 neighbors attend, young and old, and it truly was an amazing day. The rain had fallen consistently the week leading to the day and on the morning of, the skies opened up and the sun came out for the event.
The funding we received was used to purchase yummy burgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks. Neighbors also brought salads and desserts to share with the group – the food was amazing!
The event allowed us to all come together in a safe environment (we even had East 3rd Avenue shut down to traffic!!!). Usually, our road is used as a by-pass from 1st Avenue, so it was nice to have a quiet road for once. This allowed the kids to ride freely on their scooters and bikes, and we even had an impromptu juggling lesson from one of the neighborhood boys.
In meeting everyone, we discovered who all the neighborhood babysitters were (and this is so very important for us young families!!), who had pets (cute sheepdogs on our street!), and who had children. It was great for us to finally put faces to homes 🙂
We had a little bit of funding left and the neighbors decided we would use it to build a little pop-up library in the Spring.
We thank the grant committee for providing us with the funds to bring our community closer and safer!
Sorry – my pictures of the event wouldn’t download….maybe they were too big??

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