We hosted 2 community barbecue and meet & greet. July and August.
We provided majority of the food and barbecue manpower. We let people know that if they wanted to bring a side dish or something special to barbecue? That would be fine. Or if they wanted a beverage other than what we were providing they would be welcome to do so.
The events started at 5 and went till 8pm. (Knowing that there would be families with small children)
We had several returning neighbors who attended our barbecues in 2016 and were very happy to see us hosting again this year.
We met some new faces this year and I’m happy to say that the people we have met through these social events has created a”happy to see you “attitude and some good friends as well.
With the increase vehicle break-ins, thefts and vandalism over the past few years, I am also happy to say that people that we have met though our events have actually stepped up and when they noticed someone that was up to no good? They said something to them or the police. I believe that people become more watchful or vigilant when it comes to their neighbors when they feel like the neighbourhood and community that they live in is their “home” and not just the place they live in. There is a difference. When it’s your home. You take pride in your home and community. Pick up, watch out for, and speak up. When it’s just a place you live in.. they don’t care or go out of their way and at times turn a blind eye!
Building a community can sometimes start with a great barbecue and good food and a happy face!

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