Our Community Cakewalk Party was super fun! My goal was to have a fun, musical, community event with a nice mix of all kinds of people that included lots of special needs adults, and lots of kids. I talked to some special needs caregivers around town to make sure there would be some clients there. I learned that to get more of these awesome folks out next time, I will need to give a little more notice. (I decided on a Tuesday to throw this event on Saturday). I also invited a few families who I know through my own family, and my job as an elementary school teacher. It was everything I wanted it to be: a colorful, fun, playful, easy-going event with smiles, laughs, cakes, costumes, dancing, instruments, and music. My mom had some wise words for me during the planning process: "you can't have a party without food" (I ended up ordering pizza for everyone), and "you need a committee." I'm happy to report that I have a little committee forming- Lots of family members, friends, and friends of friends are all happy to help with FUNraising community events like this one. There are lots of jobs: food and drink purchase and delivery/participant delivery/getting cake donations/cake delivery/planning and preparing/taking pics and vids/playing music, setting up, and cleaning up). I am so grateful for Neighbourhood Small Grants' generous support, and also for all my helpers, jammers, singers, movers, shakers, and cake bakers! THANK YOU! video recap link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilV6ia6ACjw&feature=youtu.be photo album link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zKyN5wzqwq4v33NYA
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