On Sunday August 18, 2019, residents, family and friends gathered together for a barbecue that celebrated some of the cultures represented in the Heather Gardens complex. A bouncy castle was rented, and the kids of the neighbourhood enjoyed jumping around with each other for hours! The City of Richmond provided a recycling information booth, that informed the participants of good practices regarding waste. The booth also highlighted the many recycling programs Richmond has to offer. The kids enjoyed the interactive games and toy recycling bin prizes! Later in the day, a resident gathered many of the kids around the table for a Chinese dumpling-making demonstration and activity. The kids washed their hands of course, and then folded and patted their way towards making some delicious dumplings that were cooked on the spot and enjoyed by the crowd of about forty people. One resident barbecued boerewors, a type of sausage that is from South Africa, and another barbecued Persian style chicken, representing their respective cultures. There were of course, plenty of cold drinks and cool treats. The day also featured karaoke, where residents performed songs in Mandarin and English. Young kids, youth, adults and seniors enjoyed serenading the warm and friendly crowd. The clean-up was a breeze with so many helping hands. Our kids slept well that night after all that excitement, I’d guess that many others did too. I think people got to know each other better, even where language barriers exist. Many residents expressed their wishes that we do something like this again next year. Thank you to all who made the event possible!

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