We partnered with a young local artist Melody, a grade 12 student at VSS. Melody designed two unique art pieces for the Motoshed window covers to commemorate Vernon BMX’s 40th Anniversary this past August.

The BMX community and club are ecstatic with the results and its made such an improvement to the cinder block structure!

• The cinderblock building is what the club calls the ‘Motoshed’. It’s where registration takes place for new members and races and where the Motos (groups of races organized by skill and age) are created with the computer program that every track in North America uses with USA/CANADA BMX.
• Bathrooms are located in the same building.
• The panels cover the two windows used for the Clubs concession where food and drinks are ordered and served. The two ladies who run our concession Shelly and Nancy are incredible dedicated volunteers and have been doing it for over 20 years.
• When the concession is open, those two big panels slide and their windows are open for business.
• The panels were complete for our year end banquet where we hosted a free club dinner of pizza and walking tacos so the club members were excited about Mel’s art to say the least!!!

Project Leader: Lisa Fogel

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