The community pantry project began in March and is still running – it provides a barrier-free opportunity for anyone living in Alert Bay to access pantry items. We did this to tackle the issue of food insecurity in our community, with the rising costs of living and increasing unemployment rates. This is a no-questions-asked pantry where families, Elders, youth and young parents can access basic pantry items like flour, sugar, oatmeal and cereal, snacks, apple sauce, jam and peanut butter. We have supported at least a twenty different households with this initiative so far, and continue to try to figure out ways to make it sustainable. While navigating the challenges with Covid-19, we have been delivering items to households rather than offering a drop-in system. It has been working really well and allows us to track numbers! We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to provide food an nurturance to our most vulnerable populations and thank the neighbourhood small grants program for the financial support!

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