Thank you so very much for the opportunity to work with Village of Warfield residents to improve access to healthy, seasonal food by contributing to a network of pollinator patches throughout the community!

With our funding, we were able to purchase native seeds to build larger plots within the Village and to distribute “home-sized’ packages, educational materials and signage to interested residents. Seeding was done before the first hard frost – see photo of one volunteer seeding – and a small amount of seed was retained for overseeding in the spring.

Residents were thrilled to know that their efforts will not only increase the variety of pollinators in their own gardens, but also the number attracted to our “Butterflyway” in the area. It is our hope that we will see these flower gardens flourish and that they will improve pollination of community and private fruit and vegetable gardens and trees in the coming year. Most of the plants in the customized blend are perennials, but those who picked up packages have a comprehensive list of annuals that will come up and can be propagated for years to come.
Community education will take place in the spring just as our seeds begin to sprout and our efforts will focus on pest mitigation and weeding!

With many thanks again to the Vancouver Foundation for supporting innovative programs to help our communities thrive!
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