We had a fun party to unite the neighbors on March 12, 2022.

Thanks to the volunteers and the council team members, we used the small amount of $500 to host a small party at the club house of the location 8080 Bennett Rd. Through the party, we got a chance to say hello to the new neighbors and all had a great time.

The project was carefully planned roughly about 2 months [in advance]. We discussed and confirmed the location, the theme, and the other details of the event. 2 weeks prior to the event, we printed out the notification and posted on the gate of the public mail box. Right before the event, the volunteers went to Costco, the bakery, [and] Dollarmart to buy all material to be used for the party. In the morning, we worked together and decorated the club house room with balloons and other decorations. We created a signup sheet to track the participants. At 3 PM on March 12, the party was started on time. Neighbors showed up and might have enjoyed the time chatting, laughing, and getting familiar with each other. Kids played together and made friends.

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