Being accepted for Neighbourhood Small Grants for the first time and carrying out this project has been an exciting journey for me. I’ve always enjoyed playing board games since I was young, but with life happening, “play games” seems to be put aside. Because of the pandemic, this hobby of mine has been picked up again. Board game plays during those unprecedented times derived lots of pleasure within our household circle and created bonding for our three generations of family. Having benefited from board game play, when I learned about the NSG last fall, I immediately thought of promoting this idea to other families in the community.

With the grant, six board game meet-up sessions were hosted with a wide variety of board games purchased that suited all ages. At the beginning of planning, only four sessions were scheduled. Due to the popularity and demand of the event, two more sessions were able to happen with the support of Brighouse Library. To attract attendance with a wide-age range, two meet-up sessions were hosted during the evening, and four were hosted during the day. With the purpose of introducing board gameplay to a dynamic of families, game selections are inclusive for all ages and needs. There were favourites that were shared by my own family’s collection, along with newly purchased games that suited a larger group. Tables were set up with different levels of gameplay to suit the needs of beginner and leisure players and more experience and strategic game players of all ages. Each event had more than twenty people attend. Board games were being played and borrowed while food and laughter were shared.

It had been a great success in terms of connecting neighbours in our community and introducing board games play to families through the events supported by NSG.

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