Once granting decisions are made, each Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) area hosts an event in order to orient Project Leaders to and connect them with other people involved in the program. This event is often also used to provide them with information and resources to support their projects and provide them with their cheques. This module includes guides and templates for coordinating this event.

6.1 Guide to the Project Leader Orientation Event

This PDF contains all the guides and foundational information you need to plan and host a Project Leader Orientation Event.

Download Module 6 Guides (pdf)


6.2 Project Leader Orientation: Resources & Templates

Click on the links below to download each template. You can tailor the template to suit your needs – any text in peach are suggested places for you to customize the content.

6.2.1 Making an NSG Event Accessible and Inclusive Template (Word)
The NSG program is committed to everyone feeling welcome at and supported to participate in our events. This template includes some ideas for how to make an NSG event inclusive and accessible.

6.2.2 Inclusive Event Planning for Coordinators (pdf)
This infographic summarizes a few of the main components of organizing an event, such as a Project Leader Orientation, that is inclusive of a wide range of people.

6.2.3 Approved Projects Template for Orientation Event (Word)
This template can be used to create a list of approved projects as a reference for distributing cheques. Rather than having to fill this out yourself, you can export the data from the online Grant Management System (GMS).

6.2.4 Cheque Sign Out Form Template (Word)
This template can be customized as a form for Project Leaders to sign when they receive their cheque. It acts as a way to keep track of what cheques have been picked up, a liability waiver, and a confirmation that the grantees are agreeing to follow the NSG granting guidelines and local municipal bylaws, regulation and permit requirements.

6.2.5 Icebreaker Templates for Project Leader Orientation Events (Word)
An icebreaker is an activity or game used to warm people up and get them to interact with each other. These icebreaker templates are designed to be used at Project Leader Orientation events.

6.2.6 Marketplace of Projects Template (Word)
As an optional activity at the event, this template can be filled out ahead of time or given to Project Leaders to fill out while at the event as a tool to gather contact information of those who are interested in attending or volunteering at or can contribute resources towards the project.