This module has a range of resources you can provide to Project Leaders to support them in organizing their NSG projects.

7.1 Project Leader Manual

This resource is intended for Coordinators to share with Project Leaders. It includes information on the bigger picture of the NSG program, as well as guidelines and tips for organizing, promoting, and documenting NSG projects. Any text in peach are suggested places for you to customize the content. You can also consider creating individual handouts of the sections of the Manual for Project Leaders.

7.1 Project Leader Manual (Word)

7.2 Project Leader Orientation: Resources & Templates

Click on the links below to download each template. You can tailor the template to suit your needs – any text in peach are suggested places for you to customize the content.

7.2.1 Expense Tracking Sheet Template (Word)
This template can be given to Project Leaders to keep track of how the money they received in their grant is being spent. Because NSG is a trust-based program this does not need to be turned in and is just for their own purposes.

7.2.2 Media Release Form Template (Word)
This template can be used at events to have participants provide permission for documentation through media like photos and videos. If someone is attending with children, they can be asked to sign on their behalf as well.

7.2.3 Asking for Donations and Support Template (Word)
This template is for use in approaching local businesses and organizations for support of and/or donations toward a project.

7.2.4 NSG Google Group Guidelines Template (Word)
Some NSG communities use Google Groups as a way to keep all of the Project Leaders, Partner Organization staff and NGC members connected with one another throughout the year. If you decide to create a Google Group, this template includes guidelines that you can adapt to send out to participants on how to use it.

7.2.5 Infographics to Support NSG Planning and Project Promotion
These infographics can be printed out and referred to when planning and executing your NSG project.

Land Acknowledgment Infographic
Event Planning Logistics Infographic
Inclusive Event Planning Infographic
Inclusive Event Promotion Infographic
Social Media Promotion Infographic