On a rainy Sunday afternoon in late October, a group of families gathered in a small community center in Sechelt to build community. With children aged 10 months to 10 years old, there was lots of laughter and outdoor adventuring in the rain. We shared a meal made by a local Yucatan chef, chatted, and connected. As people who identify as LGBTQ2+ having community and creating spaces for our kids to connect is really important. It helps us to feel and track safety in our coastal town and allows our kids to be in spaces with other families like theirs. Over 20 people RSVPd to attend, however with flu season 2 families weren’t able to attend. One of the things that we learned is how many more families there are on the Coast that are keen to connect in this way. Some of the families had only just come out and were seeking other families to be in relationship with. Planning the event was fairly simple. We booked a space with the municipality, ordered vegetarian and meat options from a local caterer, picked up some beverages, and planned a few games for the kids (outdoor scavenger hunt). *Families preferred not to be photographed.
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