Our neighbourhood had 2 successful grant applications. We combined forces to really give corner of Vancouver the love it deserves. Our projects were a curbside garden and a tiny library. Our stretch of Cambie is busier by the day, especially with the increasing development to the south. We see a tremendous amount of foot traffic : there are 2 daycares, an elementary school and community center in a 3 block radius! We wanted the corner of 20 and Cambie to become a bright spot in the neighbourhood. Signs were posted for a weekend work party, and 7 different households showed up. Thanks to a connection one neighbour had with a construction manager friend, we had detailed plans ready to go! On day one, kids and adults alike rolled up their sleeves through rain and sun to erect a bench with 2 built in planters, and a separate raised garden bed. A miniature library, masterminded by our youngest workers, came next. Day 2 was dirt day! Neighbours worked side by side to pick a load of dirt and shovel it carefully into place. Hardy perennials were planted, and the corner was looking terrific. The aesthetic benefit to the neighbourhood was obvious and immediate. However, the biggest outcome was the relationships forged when folks work together. Neighbours who had only had a nodding acquaintance for years, spent two days laughing and working side by side. Like many Vancouverites, our construction crew did not grow up here. We discovered that we were from South America, Newfoundland and the Prairies. Our kids ranged in age from 3-13, and all were laughing and playing together in between lessons on how to safely operate a hammer! In the two weeks since our work bee, we have seen many people stopping to rest, and admiring the plants. We like to think we made our little corner of the booming Cambie Corridor a little friendlier and a little greener. Thanks for the support!

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