We had this workshop in February from 10 am to 12 pm at 7733 Firbridge Way Richmond for our neighbours, and some of them invited friends to join. The activity was full of joy and fragrance with the natural essential oils. They made the lipstick they liked by themselves, and they also took the gift home. It was really relaxing and satisfying.

We began by smelling the different scents of essential oils, and we temporarily forgot all the stress and got relaxed. After, we chose the flavour we liked to put into the lipstick. Then we began to weigh all the ingredients, stir them evenly, melt them, pour them into the mold, cool them, and take them out! Great! Everyone has done it successfully! The workshop was fun and relaxing. Everyone forgot any stress they were currently facing and took the lip balm and gift home!

From planning to material preparation to venue layout to the day of the event, we have been challenged. When we prepared the materials, we found that the cost of the materials was not cheap, and then we could only reduce the number of people and find cheaper venues. Fortunately, some volunteers were willing to provide some gifts, and everyone was very happy. Finally, this event was successfully held.

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