Our original plan was to power wash, repair, and paint all of the fences around the building where we reside. Due to the water restrictions we were forced to change our original plan somewhat.
We could not start our project until later in the year, which meant that we had to limit the amount of outdoor fences to be painted, but instead power washed and painted the underground garage. Regardless of the project, we still had a lot of fun getting together.
Our group included a number of tenants from our complex, including single moms and dads, people with disabilities, refugees, and immigrants. We also included clients with developmental disabilities that I work with, a couple of seniors from city heights senior home, and youth from a church in Richmond.
We spent a whole weekend power washing the underground parkade and the fences. We managed to pain the same weekend but also painted a couple of times throughout the week.
As you can see by the photos, the kids had more paint on themselves than anywhere else!
We all ate lunch together on both days. We all really enjoyed ourselves. It was great to see neighbours coming out that usually kept to themselves. 
We are all really looking forward to completing the fences early next summer.

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