Drop-in Spaghetti nights are to encourage people to get to know each other through the sharing of meals (Spaghetti doesn’t have to be served – any meal is great).
All events are advertised on the events section of the Village Vancouver website:
So keep your eyes peeled for Burnaby drop-in Spaghetti nights!
The idea is simple…
1) Email reclaimaxeon@googlemail.com announcing your intention to throw an open dinner party. Specify maximum number of guests.
2) The event will then be advertised on the Village Vancouver website and the first people who reply are given the location of the event.
3) I can then reimburse you $5 per attendee to cover the cost of ingredients.
It’s that simple!
Also I collaboratively garden an allotment so if you’re interested in hosting a spaghetti night I can supply you with some fresh organically grown ingredients (email reclaimaxeon@googlemail.com to enquire about the details.)

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