Thanks for the opportunity and for allowing me to share my story!

As a passionate gardener, I always love to share with my friends and people in my community who are willing to learn how to garden. I found that since COVID started, more and more people are more into gardening. It’s fun, therapeutic, joyful, healthy, and Save Money.

I am living in Kamloops which has a pretty short growing season. In general, I like to start early and get more harvest by setting up the frost protection. I tried in 2020, it was very succuessful. I shared it on Facebook, youtube, and WeChat. Some of my friends were interested in learning. So i thought I can share this project with my friends and clients by leading a workshop in my garden. My garden plot is at McDonald Park Community Garden. It’s outdoor and safe to host workshops in person with masks on. Outdoor made people feel safer, especially, we kept some distance with masks on.

In the spring of 2021, I email my clients through my work and called my friends in March. I got a group of people who were interested. Later in April, I was able to host it in my garden. I showed them how did I set up, what tools do we need, what can you grow, etc. They took photos, and two of them ended up trying in their yard as well after the workshop. I was very happy to know they got a good harvest later on. In the summertime. A group of people who work at Kamloops Food Policy Council, have a farm, people heard about my project, they visited my garden and I shared with them and provided detailed info. They would love to try 2022 as well.

In May and June, I hosted two more workshops on making compost and how to grow garlic in person. Each time, there were around 10 people joining with a few kids.

The feedback from participants was very positive. I was very grateful and I got the grand to do these workshops.

Much Appreciated.

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