Our Grade 7 and Kindergarten classes built 6 raised bed gardens with the help from friends at Tupper High School who came to our school to build the wood raised bed boxes at Ecole Jules Quesnel. We filled them with soil and planted a vegetable garden and a butterfly garden. This is an on-going project with JQ Nature Club, planting and tending the gardens.
We are also encouraging teachers to plant in the gardens with their classes and as time unfolds, we hope that many people will be able to plant organic food here. We had a celebration June 5th at lunchtime to launch the project and every 2nd Friday of the month, we meet to weed, plant and tend the gardens with the JQ students. A special thanks to the 4 Student Leaders who sparked this idea. They were featured in an article also attached in the Dunbar Residents Newsletter (pages 5 and 6) that highlight our NSG Greenest City grant.

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