The Eden Community has many long-term residents who are very passionate about their shared home and this community. Then there are some of us who have arrived here only very recently. Because most of us live extremely full lives, we rarely have the opportunity to connect with our neighbours. Once a year, our wonderful building manager organises a potluck Christmas party in the Lounge, which is quite well attended. But squeezing 50-60 people into this common room means we are in extremely close quarters. There is, however, a large and beautiful patio space next to the lounge, which is a perfect space for neighbourhood barbecue parties. We had approximately 30-40 participants come out for our first annual Eden Summer Barbecue in August, & new friendships were started. We believe the number of participants will grow this coming year. For upcoming events we are looking to expand our communications by getting the posters to the townhomes, community poster board & elevator areas. We would like to take the opportunity, in the future, of this event to invite Eden residents to regular pool nights or other game events.

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