Our objective in applying for funding for this project was to bring awareness and training for fire preparedness to our community complex of 200 suites.

The training included raising awareness of proper protocol of fire danger and situational assessment in small fires that may occur indoor or outdoor, who to contact ( ie: 911 etc., forestry services etc) and proper use of a fire extinguisher.

The the hands on fire extinguisher training proved very valuable as most of the participants had not ever handled one or had knowledge how to combat a small fire with one. It happened to be a slightly windy day which was valuable for participants to understand the volatility of fire. The smoke from the controlled fire and the particles from extinguishers created clouds on the ground.

All participants were able to have hands on training and the facilitator was very adept providing training and in answering all inquiries.

There was a luncheon provided to the 60 participants following the training.
There was a draw with 3 brand new fire extinguishers given out.

What has been the most rewarding accomplishment in the months following the training is that many new neighbours that had moved in during Covid came out to the training and made valuable connections to other neighbours.

The participants are still mentioning how valuable the information from the training was to them.

There have also been two subsequent fires behind our complex along the Rail Trail in the grass and wooded areas and our residents have jumped into action calling the correct authorities and on one occasion using their fire extinguishers to contain a fire.

Many thanks to Small Neighbourhood Grants for the support and seeing the value in our project.

Project Leader: Tia Maria Konrad

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