A report on the Fall Harvest Party – October 4, 2015
Our Fall Harvest Party was a HUGE success! Over 50 people gathered to create neighbourhood connections and celebrate the fall harvest on a beautiful and warm autumn day.
We promoted the party well with posters on community bulletin boards, hand-written invitations from neighbourhood children, and emails out through strata councils.
On the day of our event a very diverse group came together including young and old, senior residents and newcomers, and a variety of ethnic backgrounds and languages were represented. Everyone was made to feel welcome and connected.
Special thanks to everyone who participated by joining in the food and activities. The hot apple cider, the BBQ with the green harvest salad and delicious pumpkin pie with the whipped cream made the day. Kids enjoyed the pumpkins and bobbing for apples.
We express our deep thanks to our activity personnel for bringing their folding tables, chairs, BBQs, and fall decorations. We express our thanks to the photographer volunteering his skills to capture memories of this occasion.
We are grateful for the support of the Neighbourhood Small Grant, they make our communities safe and supportive places to live in South Vancouver.

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