Our project was a grand success and people have come to us asking for more.
I applied to NSG to support our endeavour to host a meal from locally grown produce in the garden of our historical Miyazaki Gardens. Our capacity was 60 people and we reached it within a week of the event. My funds which I received from the grant went towards food preparation. We paid our local chef an honorarium of $350 for the time that she spent gathering the food, preparing and then cooking. The rest went towards the extra food we needed to buy at the local store, the flowers and other serving details we needed. We plan to host similar events next year with the produce our local farms have available.
One challenge we faced in planning the project was knowing the details that make an event run smoothly. For example the first poster we made was general information about the event. We later realized it was too stressful not reserving seats as we had no idea how many people would come and how much food to prepare without excessive waste. Therefore we adjusted our future promotion to express reservations necessary. It was a failure on our part not to plan each detail before going public.
We would have not been able to host such a large event without the enthusiasm and energy of the six volunteers who were all part of the planning of the event. By involving the volunteers in planning the event they knew exactly what needed to be done and how to do it without anyone managing the evening very closely. This allowed for a smooth and fun evening of social and community togetherness.
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