Thanks to a Neighbourhood Small Grant, residents of Fernie were able to come together for an evening of coffee and conversation at the local Freshies Cafe. The informal meet-up provided an opportunity for community members to meet and mingle with new people from their area.
Attendees stopped by throughout the two hour event to enjoy a hot beverage, baked goods, and friendly discussion. The atmosphere was casual and welcoming, with people introducing themselves and striking up conversations as they waited in line or sat at the small café tables. Popular talking points included getting to know neighbours, local happenings, business connections, outdoor recreation, and favourite spots around town.
The central seating area often filled up as new connections were made and guests lingered to continue lively chats. The sounds of lively discussion, laughter, and community filled the coffee shop, and many participants exchanged contact information as they parted ways.
The community grant allowed for complimentary coffee, tea, and pastries to be provided to all attendees. This promoted an open, inclusive environment where locals could easily mingle without any barriers. The food and drinks definitely seemed to help break the ice! The grant also covered purchasing conversation starter cards, which were a topic of conversation in and of themselves.
Overall, the Coffee & Conversation event accomplished its goal of bringing Fernie residents together to meet and interact with new people. Based on the smiling faces, animated conversations, and new acquaintances made, the informal but engaging morning meet-up was a success. Almost every attendee asked when the next one would be held and stated how much they enjoyed themselves! More community gatherings like this will help strengthen bonds between locals and contribute to a warmer, friendlier, more connected neighbourhood. A second event, with the second half of the funds, is planned for the Fall.

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