I was very grateful to be the recipient of the Neighbourhood Small Grant in November 2020. My key objective was to utilize the funds to make a difference in our strata community of 120 units. where I have lived since 1994.

My goal was to reach as many people, do something different and bring togetherness of neighbours during this dark covid period.

The biggest challenge was how to accomplish this. How to maintain distancing and keep rules for safety. Due to privacy, I did not have a phone or email access to do a zoom gathering.

I finally ended up having a contest which I posted on the news bulletin in the mail room of our strata. Owners would have to guess the number of lights that were used to light up the club house.  As an incentive everyone would get a prize.

We got immediate positive results as cars stopped to see what we were doing, smiles on their faces and happiness evident. A change from the covid blues.

Each day I checked the bulletin board to see the participation. Neighbours were chatting and consulting.

Although I was very optimistic about receiving a high level of participation I was pleased to see that we did have 36 families or 30% participation in our “Guess The number of Lights” contest.

The fun part was delivering to each of the 120 units a bottle of sanitizer. A small gift at this holiday season. I met many owners as I had chosen a sunny day to do this and all were very appreciative of the “Richmond Cares and Richmond Gives” project to keep the community aware and neighbourly.

The year 2020 was a challenging year because of covid but also a very memorable year as owners for the first time participated in a strata community project and saw the “light”
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