We, members of the Fleetwood Community Centre Seniors group, were happy to qualify for the small grant program. Our plan was to put on a Neighbourhood Party in our own Francis Park where the Surrey Parks Board was holding a ‘Seniors in the Park’ activity program for the third year at our facility.
The day of the event was cloudy and much cooler than the previous few days, thankfully. We hired the Surrey Lions Club to provide the hot dogs and pop and serve it to all who attended the event. Our own Seniors group provided free bottled water.
The Surrey Parks Board provided advertising flyers well ahead of the planned date and these were distributed around the Neighbourhood by the Seniors, who also hand delivered invitations to all the Neighbouring Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities. The Parks Board also provided the lawn games and supervised these during the event.
The Surrey City Workers set out tables and chairs on our patio where we could be shaded by the trees of the park and also see the games in progress. They also provided free helium filled balloons which we tied around the park fences with more flyers on the day, and later gave away to attending children. We were entertained by our own Hawaiian Dance Group and South Asian Ladies Group. Everyone had a great time and we were especially pleased to be able to host a group of Chinese Seniors with their interpreters from SUCCESS.
We were happy to return $164 to the Society with our thanks for offering us this great opportunity to bring neighbours together to achieve greater cooperation and have fun together.
Ann Nelitz, Chairperson Seniors Planning Committee, Fleetwood Community Centre

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