The project idea was quite simple and effective. The idea was to send flowers to folks who were “shut in” because of the pandemic. Multiple vases were purchased from the local thrift store. Flowers were purchased from a local avid gardening senior with a keen desire to arrange the vases. So this in itself was amazing because it brought such joy and relief for this particular senior lady.

The vases were picked up with social distancing measures in place. All vases were delivered with measures in place, with disinfectant and hand sanitizing. Because we are a small community, it was easy to know who needed a little pick me up. Most flowers were delivered to seniors, single Moms, folks experiencing with a personalized card.

As one lady said, “It brought tears to my eyes to see such beautiful flowers.”

A single mom said, “How did you know that I had such an exhausting day.”

Thank you for this opportunity. This simple gesture of care had such a deep impact.
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