Since Halloween resided on a Monday this year we decided to host our 2nd event on a Sunday (one day prior to Halloween). Our itinerary included “Pumpkin Carving Content” and a “Costume Contest”. Based on our 1st event (Summer BBQ) we noticed that within our community/building there is a high level of children, so we did anticipate many children but only a handful showed up. We provided the kids with a goodie bag and an opportunity to carve pumpkins (with parent supervision). The parents expressed great joy and satisfaction to do an activity with their child. Many of our residence are from oversees and have never carved a pumpkin before, so it was a Western tradition that was provided them a great experience and insight. In terms of the costume contest our winner was a little girl who dressed up as a surgical version of Dr. Strange and was awarded a small gift (Minion art set) for her effort. Overall we had splendid weekend but would canvas more to attract more children as this event was mainly for them. The parents that came to the event got to socialize for the first time with other people in the building and created a strong sense of community as new greetings have been observed in the elevators and hallways.

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