On December 16th General Gordon Elementary held a media event to discuss our seismically safe school and then an assembly celebration with the school community. The media event included VSB staff, VSB Trustee Diane Turner, MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena Andrew Wilkinson, MLA for Vancouver-False Creek Sam Sullivan, PAC Executive, two students were selected to be the emcee’s and one student played a musical instrument. There were many journalists from diverse media stations. Media link: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2016EDUC0262-002574
Following the formal media event all the students, staff and community were welcomed to a celebration assembly. There were over 400 people that were severed cake and fruit. The assembly acknowledged the students with certificates whom helped make our new school a safe and diverse community for all.
The grant funding covered large cakes for 400, fruit, bulletin board to post our photos, forks, napkins, trays, coffee for the media event, photo printing and other small items. The event was a success at bringing the school, media, community and volunteers together.

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