In the summer and fall of 2022 we scouted out ideal locations for new geocaches in our small town of Invermere, BC. Geocaches are small, waterproof containers that are hidden outdoors and contain a logbook and sometimes small, tradable items. Once placed in accordance with geocaching guidelines (e.g. animal-safe, child safe, respectful of nature and private property), each cache was registered with, a free international website. We placed six new caches along a spectacular paved trail named the Markin-MacPhail Westside Legacy Trail. We have more caches to place once the snow melts in the spring and we have seen how these initial caches fare over the winter.
So far, the response from residents and visitors has been extremely positive. Judging from comments left on the website, tourists have discovered and enjoyed the trail who otherwise wouldn’t have known it was there. Locals who use the trail have appreciated this new way to experience the trail. Because our caches are accessible to children, families have been able to introduce their children to geocaching in a safe and fun way.
The grant period has ended but we will continue to place caches along this trail and elsewhere in the Valley: thank you to the funders for supporting our first caches and allowing us to invest in quality, long-lasting cache containers!
(Note: I have emailed Yunuen more photographs, some of which share these positive comments.)
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