Heather Gardens is a small townhouse complex with 21 units. Although is a smaller complex, people hardly had a chance to communicate with each other. The Neighbourhood Small Grant provide the perfect opportunity to bring people together.
This year theme is “Gardening”. The complex have a small playground area but hardly use by people as it was…… boring. The idea of gardening is to plant some colourful flowers surrounding the playground area such that encourage people to utilize and enjoy the facility in place. We selected the annual flowers as it is easier to maintain, it will grow every year, and very cost effective. After the hard work, it follow by community BBQ where the owners have a chance to relax, grab a bite and talked to each other. There are also music and balloons to entertain the kids.
It was a successful event and the participation rate was higher than last year. Thanks NSG and Vancouver Foundation for the generous support.

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