We had 20 participants, including 5 kids for the Girl’s Day Out event. We were absolutely thrilled to see so many women and moms join the event on a hot summer afternoon amid the BC Day Long Weekend. Everybody took the time to cook some great food. At the end of the event, everybody had some food to take home with them.
Here are a few highlights of the event:
Our theme is sharing job search experiences and learning about how to do makeup for interviews. So many questions were asked that we were not aware how fast time went by. Therefore, besides delicious food, participants had a lot of good information to take away with them from the event.
We found it a wonderful idea to use community facilities. Quite a few women discovered Garden City Park through this event, including some who literally had the park at their doorsteps but never ventured there, not knowing how big it was.
Most importantly, though it was a small-scale event of only 20 participants, we were all reminded of how diverse Canada is and how blessed we are to be able to meet people from different countries just by walking out of our own door. We had participants from India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Myanmar, Taiwan and Mainland China. Every time we heard a new country name, we applauded with excitement and amazement. Despite different levels of English fluency, we were connected by friendship and the desire to integrate into our wonderful new country.
The event not only brought together so many women, it leads to more ideas for meetups: a makeup party and a hiking trip. Everybody feels excited to have something more to look forward to.
As organizers, we felt richly rewarded for all our work behind the stage. It was a pleasure to meet these wonderful women who are working hard and studying hard in order to build a new life in this new country. They regard this event as an opportunity to find friendship and support from others just like themselves. They came with good education and successful careers in their home countries, but they are all open and willing to explore new career options and eager to learn about job search skills, interview skills and training opportunities. We are highly motivated to organize more events in the future to provide more networking opportunities for more women.

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