June 16: Glenbrooke Pie brought 70 neighbours together in a nearby park bearing fresh baked savoury and sweet pies. Kids played and some new and long time neighbours met and connected for the first time.
July 28: Glenbrooke Salad brought 120 neighbours into the street to share the summer’s bountiful harvest in a nutritious salad bar. We sat down to a long table and children bounced in the bouncy castle, drew with chalk and rode their bikes. We remembered Nestor, a long time resident who passed away the week before. He had attended the first Glenbrooke Salad and we honoured his family.
September 1: Glenbrooke Kids welcomed families to play in the street! We brought out balls and nets, bouncy castles, chalk, and bikes. We served hot dogs and popcorn as we gathered on our driveway to watch the Peanuts Movie as the sun set.
October 26: Glenbrooke Pumpkin (previously soup and spook) welcomed nearly 70 folks to come together for carving on the street. After enjoying pizza and drinks, we voted on the best pumpkins and gave out tasty prize packs.

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