In March of 2021, after trying to use a Google map link to find some trails on Observation Mountain, my friend and I decided that a sign should be made so other people could find that trail since we figured others might have trouble locating it as well. John Westaway did such an amazing job creating the trail, (and lots of others on Observation mountain) it needed to be found more easily so others could enjoy it! Especially since it’s the earliest observation mountain trail of the year since all the sun melts it much earlier than the trails on the back side which were all still covered in snow/ice/or mud.

So I decided to make a “Sunshine trail” sign and placed it near the start of the trail and this is how my project began – with the help of friends and the trail creator I made signs and then we went up with a drill to place arrows to help people navigate through the zig and zags of the trail. I was encouraged to make more signs and was inspired to apply for a grant to help pay for supplies.

Most recently direction and distance signs were installed, marking the way to the 5 new sets of Adirondack Chairs that have been situated within the Boundary. These signs help locals and visitors to our area find these chairs along our trails easily.

People love these signs because they are colourful and yet whimsical, they add a uniqueness to these trails and hopefully encourage people to get out and explore the area easier.
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