Our project was to make the alley more green and clean. This project was organized by Ziya, who is six years old, and the leader of the Wild Kratts’ Kids’ Club. Even though she is six, she started the club for saving animals. All kids ages 1-19 are welcome to join.
To get ready for the event we decorated signs and hand delivered them to all the kids on the block as well as to other people in the neighbourhood. We also posted them on poles. On another day, we made seed bombs with clay donated from Fresh Air Elementary. We found an old piece of wood and used old paint to make a sign that everyone could sign on the event day. We invited kids and other people from the neighbourhood to work on these projects with us.
On the alley event day, June 12, 23 people of all ages came.
First we drew in the alley with sidewalk chalk and did skipping while listening to the music of Sweet Cascadia. Then we did a garbage cleanup of three block with kids against parents to see who could collect the most garbage. Kids won! We used the Keep Vancouver Spectacular program to get all the supplies for the clean-up. http://vancouver.ca/people-programs/bi-annual-neighbourhood-block-cleanu…
After the clean-up, we spread seed bombs with wild flower seeds all down the alley for the bees and birds and to make our alley more beautiful.
Then we planted a tree in a big cedar pot with strawberries in the alley and added wild flower seeds to that as well.
After all of this work we ate a lot of watermelon together.
This gathering was truly beautiful. Many elderly neighbours expressed gratitude for the clean up and for creating a more bee friendly alley.
We had such an inspirational and fun group of people come, that we decided to keep the party going. We invited everyone to head to our backyard to cook hot dogs and marshmallows and eat more watermelon.

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