On August 22, 2022 our committee of 4 people met in our activity room to set a date of October 1, 2022 to celebrate Thanksgiving as a community. The menu was planned, a list of things to purchase and a list of residents who could help in the preparation and serving the dinner. Our president contacted every resident to make certain that they would attend.

We had 4 new residents who were all given a bouquet of flowers. Every resident that attended was given a small gift package. On September 28th, 2 ladies (Sharon and Mary) met to put together a shopping list. On Friday all the tables and chairs and the serving tables were set up. All residents had a written invitation delivered to each residence.

On Saturday at 2pm, everyone came together for the dinner. One of our residents took pictures during the dinner and everyone was given a form to sign to authorize the NSG to use the pictures. We had some very good pictures taken. The food was served buffet style and the pumpkin pie was delivered to each person. The activity room was all decorated for the occasion.

Because of Covid our people had not been together for over a year, so people stuck around to visit after the dinner for a long time with lots of laughter and conversations going on. Three people were not able to attend, so a hot plate and pumpkin pie were delivered to their door which they appreciated so much. Many residents brought decorations to brighten up the room.

It was the first time for Mary and Sharon to plan an event like this and they did a great job. Thirty-eight people were served in total. The residents expressed their great appreciation for the great time everyone had with much food. This is the first time these two ladies took on a project this large and we appreciate the great job they have done.

We would like to thank Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives and the Vancouver Foundation for this gift. It got our residents out to visit and enjoy the company of the rest of Greenland Retirement Family. This was a GREAT post Covid get together!

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