Our project “Grinch Trees for Seniors” was a great way to build community and reach out to isolated seniors. The philosophy behind grinch trees is a beautiful one. Grinch Trees are a tree design that celebrates not just the joy and wonder of the season, but celebrates the difficulties and challenges as well. It reminds us that the Christmas season is about a little bit more than presents and decorations. It serve’s as a reminder that even when life is hard and times are difficult joy can be found in the simple and smallest of ways. Just like those little Who’s, who could sing their hearts out in tough times, then so can we all.

We held a “grinch tree workshop” for 6-10 seniors in the community. These workshop participants learned to make adorable grinch trees and in addition to making one for themselves they were able to gift over 30 trees to isolated seniors in the community. Both the workshop participants and the seniors who received the trees were thrilled and delighted to be a part of this project. Thanks to our neighbourhood grant this project was a huge success.
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