Our five craft workshops took place on June 18, July 19&23, October 1&15. A total number of 70 neighbours attended these five workshops. It was the first time that me and my co-applicant applied for the Vancouver Neighbourhood Small Grants, we were so excited to hear that we got approved. Both of us are relatively new immigrants in Richmond, we would love to get familiar with our local community and people. So making crafts together might be a good idea to start a conversation with each other and make friends. We consider ourselves very lucky, the place that we are volunteering agree provide free place for our events. So we can do five workshops instead of one to meet more people.
We welcome our neighbours of any ages to come to the workshops. When we started the first workshop, people asked whether they could bring their children as well. We wouldn’t mind if they could take care of their children. Then at the following workshops, we could see a mix of ages cooperated really well and full of smiles and giggles.
There was one senior who just lived opposite our event place. She saw our poster outside after the workshops started, and asked if she could join us but she needed to put all her groceries back to home first. That was exactly what our aims were, of course we welcomed her, we loved to invite all people live nearby to join us.
There was a family with three generations joined our second workshop. The mom said grandma was very into crafts, but she could’t find many craft workshops, so when she saw our poster, she really wanted to take grandma here. We were really touched by that.
We consider this project very successful. Although the project has finished, We set up a Wechat Group and continue to communicate with each other, and we have decided to meet sometimes to do crafts together again, everyone is excited and says they would like to gather together again.
So thank you, Vancouver Neighbourhood Small Grants! We would love to apply for it next year.

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