Happily Together
Our gathering Happily Together was held on July 20th in United Church.
The majority of participants of this event were attendants from Grand-parents English Learning Program and Mothers Program. Over 40 participants joined this event, which started from 10AM to 2PM.
At the beginning, the organizer Amy gave a speech to the audiences about the purposes of the event: providing participants opportunities to get along with each other and developing friendships that help them to start a new life in Canada.
The second part of this event was self-introduction. Participants introduced themselves about their names, places they are originally from, families, as well as their life experiences in Canada.
The third part of this event was talent show. Participants performed with passion and contentment. There were a wide variety of performances, such as choir, duet, solo, dancing, Tai-Chi routine, story time, comedy, riddles, etc. Small children were involved in talent show as well.
Lunchtime was the forth section of this gathering. We received our wide variety of food delivery that we had pre-ordered from a restaurant at noon. We also prepared refreshments and fresh fruits. We had a great lunch together. Participants were communicating to one another during lunchtime, that they were getting to know each other more and better.
After lunch, we had a fun time at gaming stations. We had set up four games that were prizes-guaranteed: (1) Riddles; (2) Rings Tossing; (3) Bean Bags Throwing; and last but not least, (4) Rice Picking with Chopsticks. We set rules and prizes for each time. Everybody was enthusiastic and active when playing the games. At the end, everyone received an awesome prize.
After this event, people got along very well with one another, and received great pleasures and happiness throughout Happily Together.

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