Our project focused on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. We hoped to inspire and encourage more people to make their own food from scratch instead of buying processed foods and we demonstrated how to make our own everyday cleaning products.
We taught our neighbours how to make their own yogurt, almond milk & hummus. Neighbours also shared ideas & recipes and what they are doing to be more healthy. We also taught soap making from scratch.
We had around 30 people who came by. Most people who came by live in and around the South Vancouver area. I was surprised to see many mother-daughter pairs joining. The youngest one was around 12 and the oldest was probably around 65. I didn’t know half of the people who came by.
I was surprised to see someone brought along a Chinese herbal powder to put into her soap. She said this herbal powder helps her son with some skin problem. She wants to see if she can put it into the soap so he can use it everyday. It gave me some insight into making herbal soap for healing! Especially now, many people have some sort of skin problem. Everyone enjoyed creating their unique bars of soap for themselves & their families to use!
It was my pleasure to do the event!

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