Our building is a perfect example of a vertical community with a variety of condo units stacked 18 floors high. It is challenging for neighbours to not only meet each other, but also get know each other.
Initially we decided to have an outdoor community building party to coincide with the completion of our courtyard membrane replacement. Unfortunately, weather and permit issues delayed the event so we pulled everything inside. Several neighbours helped to transform our building media room into a more inviting and cozy space in which to host an informal gathering, open house style.
Approximately 35 residents, both owners and renters dropped by over the course of the afternoon for refreshments, snacks and conversation. A number of individuals met new neighbours and made connections with others that will continue in the future. Their was a warm and cordial feeling in the room, and a positive experience of building community.
One owner had suggested having a Food Bank donation box in conjunction with our event and we collected more than 50 items to donate during this needy Christmas season.

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