NSG 2014
Herb Circle in West 8th Avenue and Larch Street Traffic Circle
May through August, 2014.
Note: Project was interrupted by City of Vancouver sewage repair on W 8th Avenue in August. Further, the City will replace the traffic circle and Green Streets plot with stop signs due to limited visibility and the accident risk level associated with vehicle/cyclist/pedestrian traffic at this intersection. This was confirmed by Green Streets Co-ordinator, Sarah Orchard, March 10, 2015.
Participants: Elaine Hsiao, Derek Irland, Dave Davies, many friends and interested neighbours we met in the process
Objective: to link herb garden with cooking class NSG – show participants how to cook with fresh herbs
Location: Former West 8th & Larch Street Traffic circle Green Streets plot
Learning: Herb “spiral” design significantly reduced water needs for the garden. However, watering the garden was time consuming. Luckily a neighbour offered use of their tap, which made the task much easier. The slope of the hill at that intersection resulted in soil erosion during heavy rain downpours. Rosemary, Thyme, Bay Leaf and Lavender survived the winter.
Positive feedback: many neighbours and passing cyclists stopped to engage with us and volunteered to help in the process. Green Streets Co-ordinator, Sarah Orchard, authorized a free compost pick-up for our truck from the Delta Landfill & Transfer Station – a tremendous help!! Aria Florist (2501 West Broadway) donated many culinary herbs. Herb garden can be a social hub for neighbours!!

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