My goal for this project was to build a stronger community on our street by initiating a well represented Block Watch group, this grant was to help fund something that would motivate further involvement as neighbours and on Block Watch.

It’s 2021 and respecting social distancing through the summer and fall, the idea of one common time online for one common activity proved to be more difficult to coordinate while trying to involve and appeal to as many people as possible.

The idea of having a starter emergency kit for each household signing up for Block Watch seemed a great motivator as well initiate / reinforce emergency preparedness in everyone’s mind. I was able to solicit registration via our current neighbors group chat and also by outreaching to others who are not connected with flyers. I created a google form for sign up to collect data and authorization.

With the funding, I put together 40 kits with a cinch sac, carabiner, reflective blanket, flashlight, emergency whistle, zip ties, bandages, alcohol spray, tissues, duct tape and sharpie marker. I also included is a large zip lock bag for items to keep dry, and a checklist of what else may be needed to complete the pack and a sheet protector for emergency documents such as house insurance. (Lots of great check list examples off google and local government and community pages)

Block Watch prepared all of the Block Watch registrants with membership card, booklet, contact list, and stickers and others things for distribution at the same time.

The distribution is meant for a few dates when a table is set up at my place for pick up within a small window, hoping some neighbors will arrive at the same time and greet and mingle with each other. After a few such meetups, the remainder are to be hand delivered down the block.

Thank you to Neighbourhood Small Grants, for the opportunity to enforce our Block Watch and to put emergency preparedness top of mind. It is November 2021 and no better time than now to be reminded how important a plan or discussion is when it come to emergency planning.
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