Hallowe’en is a magical time for children, but in a high-rise, there is little sense of the occasion unless it is organized by volunteers. So we set out to create that sense for our community.
Decorating the Amenity Room for Highbury Tower Hallowe’en took up a big chunk of the previous day. Children and parents had a good time making realistic spiders out of bristly black pipe cleaners, to create a not-too-spooky den. Children hung cobwebs everywhere. A cobwebby tablecloth was prepared for the treats. Children put stickers on the windows and hung up realistic-looking bats to lurk in the shadows. Pumpkins from UBC farm added atmosphere and colour.
Treats and costumes
On Hallowe’en, a group of residents and visitors – some in disguise! – turned up to see the children in their costumes, bringing yet more spooky Hallowe’en accessories and treats. Children turned up for their treats, met their young neighbours and an admiring group of their elders, before traipsing off into the night.
We would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of the Vancouver Foundation and Kits Neighbourhood House for sponsoring these events.

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