Our event was held September 24 2016 in the Imperial Drive cul-de-sac, despite the ominous weather and occasional showers that late afternoon and evening. Spirits remained high and approximately 55 people participated.
We started gathering around 3:30 and by 5pm our group was listening attentively as our speaker, Shabnam, talked about community security and safety. She explained the advantages of knowing well your neighbours and how this increases the perception of safety in a neighbourhood. That perception in turn decreases residents’ stress levels, increases their quality of life and teaches their children that the streets and sidewalks around their homes can and should be a safe, fun place to meet other kids and play. She commended our neighbourhood for ‘doing all the right things’ and said from her observations that the kinds of relationships we have developed with one another over time are precisely the ones she wishes other neighbourhoods had, too.
We used the NSG grant to purchase most of the food, however everyone arrived with a potluck dish to share and there was plenty of food. We barbequed at 5:30pm and the food, music and cameraderie extended until 10pm. Even when it started raining heavily large umbrellas were retrieved, an outdoor firepit was lit for warmth and no-one wanted to go home. Residents said they enjoyed the event and we are grateful to NSG for supporting it.

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